Getting my sh*t together

I do loads of stuff because I love to do loads of stuff. I get bored. I try new things. I learn. I evolve (well, I hope so anyway…).

That means that sometimes (most of the time) the inside of my head is a bit…chaotic. My brain tries to think about everything at once. How’s that working for me? Weeell…not that great.



My brain…


That means that I am on a constant quest for structure. Get more shit done with less effort, and actually plan off-time that is just for me. I have a planner and a to-do list in my phone (perfect, no more double bookings and no more ideas forgotten!), I have a project planner also on my phone (that means I can plan my projects and get some structure while I am on a dog walk), I have a notebook in my phone for lists and ideas that I want to save for later, and I use Dropbox a lot.

But I also feel the need to actually use pen and paper. I always take notes when I listen to things, I “learn with my hands” so to speak. So using a paper calendar is something that has a lot of value for me. I like to write and draw. I like pretty colours. I’m creative!

But which one? There are so many, and they all claim to be the best! Believe me, I have tried a few…and been ALMOST happy. ALMOST content. But there is always that nagging “If only…it would be just right!”

So, a week ago I heard the words “Bullet Journal” for the first time. Interesting…could it be something for me? Right now I am in the middle of a “bullet journal challenge”, and having a lot of fun. And getting the structure my brain craves. In the way that suits ME and MY NEEDS. At least I hope so…



Focus, brain. Focus!

One page in my Bujo (I’m getting the lingo and everything! I feel like a pro after…a whole of six days…I’m pathetic, I know…) is about my weekly schedule, the things I try to do the same way every week. Checking invoices, doing my books, planning, Instagramming, dog tip of the week…and this blog!

My favourite blog is still trying to find it’s perfect form, and knowing myself I think that it will keep on changing forever. But what I really want to do is two things:

  1. Teach about photography. Dogs especially. That is my passion.
  2. Use my blog as my personal outlet. Write for the joy of writing, share a bit of myself and my life. I always enjoy a blog that is like a window into someone’s life, I guess other people feel the same way.

So, on my weekly schedule, this blog appears twice. Tuesday: personal stuff about me and my life. Friday: something useful about photography. That is my goal: twice a week this blog will be updated. So it is written, so shall it be.

So it is written (blogged), so shall it be. The internet has spoken.