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So…I guess you figured out I basically do four things:

I am a photographer. 

I photograph dogs and people. And a lot of other stuff too, but let’s concentrate on dogs and people. You find me in Skåne, Sweden (for now), and I would love to create beautiful photos for you. Read more about DOGS at KelpiestudsFoto and more about PEOPLE at KelpieLove.

I am a teacher.

I love to learn, and I love to teach. You find my Swedish classes HERE and my English classes HERE. I also blog frequently and send out a really nice newsletter (comes with a free guide to become a better photographer today!)

I am an artist.

I need a creative outlet, and I like to share my photos. Take a look in my SHOP!

I am a dog trainer.

I have three dogs (or they have me), and I truly believe that photographing and training need to be fun both for me and for them. You can find some videos of our training on my youtube channel if you’re into dog training as well 🙂


Curious? Want more information? I will gladly send it to you!