Fine Art Portraits

I am fascinated by the concept of creating my own reality (I even wear a button that says “I reject your reality and substitute my own”). In a way we all do that inside our heads, and I love to play with that in a photo. Maybe that makes it more of an image than a photo, but who cares as long as it’s beautiful/creative/funny, right?

I have a few Fine Art photographers that I really admire who do this (there are so many more that I haven’t even discovered yet!). The first I came across was Beata Ryden and Victoria Söderström through their videocourse on Moderskeppet. Then I discovered Brooke Shaden and her classes at CreativeLive. CreativeLive is the home of A LOT of great photography classes, I have only scratched the surface…

As I am mostly a dog photographer, I look for ways to transform this artform into dog photography. My model of choice is a certain small kelpie, and I want to create her own universe on the edge of reality.

The journey has only just begun…


Oh, by the way…Want to learn how to create in photoshop? “Normal” editing or fantasy/composite? Join my Big Photoshop Online Course! Only in swedish, sorry, read more HERE!

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