Feed your creativity

You need fuel.

I mean, your BODY needs fuel, obviously, but so does your creativity. So does your mind.

I find that it’s easy to get lazy. It’s easy to do what you know will work, use the settings you are familiar with, use the poses you know will look good. Let’s face it: it’s easy to get stuck…(There is, of course, a possibility that this only applies to me – but I don’t think so.)

What you feed your body is easy, but what do you feed your mind? Let me share some of my best tips!

  • Join a photo community. An FB-group is one possibility if you find a good one. A site like Youpic, Gurushots, 500px, or Swedish Fotosidan is another good option. Engage. Comment.
  • Learn more. In Sweden we have Moderskeppet, internationally I like CreativLive and Skillshare. (Oh, by the way, I can get you two months free on Skillshare! Follow THIS LINK! I love Skillshare…)
  • Get inspired by social media. Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook…Follow people whose work you admire.
  • Try a new field of creativity! I have recently started drawing and painting, something I looooved doing as a child but haven’t done in…20 years…
  • Get inspired by other great artists. Go to an exhibition. I love Louisiana in Denmark, but I also visit my local galleries and museums. Even the camera store shows photos by local artists from time to time!
  • Join a challenge. From time to time, there are challenges to participate in that gives you a task or subject, you create your image, and upload it with other participants.
  • Compete. Not to win. Just to produce a certain kind of photo, that you think will fit the contest. It’s all about participating!

There is one more thing I think you already do, but maybe you don’t think of it as feeding your creativity: watch moving pictures. Films, series, shows. The basics of how to create a mood, with light and composition and colours, are the same in moving pictures as in photos. Film-makers are often very, VERY good at this!

I started watching Stranger Things this Monday, and apart from being an awesome series, it is beautiful to watch! They use just about every trick in the book – and it works. I freeze my screen multiple times each episode and just look at the details in light and composition that creates the mood in the scene.


Both photos from google

Next time you look at a film – watch for the small details that build the scene. Get inspired. Feed your creativity.

One thought on “Feed your creativity

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