Five ways to make your motive stand out!

When I take a photo I always have a main motive, something in the photo I want the viewer to see as the main focus. (Hint: it’s often a dog…) There are a few ways to direct the viewers eyes to the right spot, and I will share my five favourite ways!

Contrast light

This dog is quite small and there is a lot going on in the photo. Yet my eyes are drawn to the dog. Why? Because it stands out – black dog against a bright background. It works just as well with a white dog against a dark background, of course.

Composition – leading lines

This dog has about the same brightness as the background. Here I have used the lines of the tree to bring the eyes toward the dog. It works well!

Composition – frame

Tree branches are good for lots of things, here I use two branches to frame Midoris cute face. There is also a contrast (dark dog bright background) that makes it even more obvious where the main motive is.

Contrast colour

This dog is about the same brightness as the backgrond, but the colours are opposites: orange dog against green grass. It really compliments the dog’s colour as well!


I saved my favourite for last: make the dog stand out as the sharp object in a soft and blurry photo! Our eyes are drawn to what is sharp, make it your dog (preferrably the eyes)! 🙂 You get this effect with a large aperture, this photo is taken with f/1,2.

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