Practice makes perfect

There is hardly a day that I don’t photograph, at least with my phone. To make it work when it counts I have to know what I’m doing, not only in my head but in my hands. And the only way to get good at something is to practice.

So I take lots of photos. Lots! Do I save them all? NO! I can come home, flip through my photos on the camera, and erase all of them. Sometimes it just isn’t there. I can bring my camera and just practice focus or composition, or movement, or light, and I already know this is just for practice and I’m probably not going to save anything – I do it anyway. Why? Because when I actually have something in front of my camera that I think is important, the chances that I get the perfect shot are so much bigger Because I know what I’m doing. Because I have practiced.

So that’s what I did today, I went to a dog show with some students, I brought my compact camera, and I practiced shooting agility in bad weather. The photos are as expected not my best work (far from it), but I got to try a few different settings, I got to try and find angles that I could use, and now I’m a bit better than I was this morning!


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