Exercise in creativity

Creativity is not something that “just appears”, or that “some have and others don’t”. It’s easier for some, but it really comes down to learning how to think differently. And that is a training thing!

I often do little exercises to boost my own creativity. and I will share a really simple one here:

Take ten photos of the same object, all different. End of instructions.

Now. What can you change? Let me give you some ideas:

  • Composition
  • How big the object is in the frame
  • Light
  • Angle
  • Environment
  • Background
  • Props
  • Depth of field
  • Is it moving or not
  • Focal length

And that’s just when you take the photo. Add editing, and your possibilities are endless…:)

I did this exercise with a tennis ball (to Midoris great joy). Which one do you like the best? (Click on them to see them individually!)


So the question is:

Are you up for a creativity challenge?


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