The importance of feedback

When I was just starting out and learning to take photos, I joined a photography page and uploaded some photos (flowers, I think). No reactions. I changed motive and uploaded some self portraits. Quite a few comments…all of them from men (I was about 30 and looked kind of cute) BUT actually some of them were about my photography and not my looks. And two of those were about helping me get better. So I contacted the one I liked the best after looking at his portfolio and asked if he would mentor me a bit. And he said yes.

That was extremely helpful to me – have someone to ask, someone who critiqued my work and pointed out what I needed to improve (everything…), and at the same time was encouraging and kind. We kept in touch for about six months before he wanted to meet and I moved on. (Yes, he knew I was married. No, no nudes, nothing like that. I guess he just took a chance 🙂 )



One of my photos from way back. It has so many flaws…But the motive and the feel of the photo is nice!

After that, I have mostly tried to critique my own work. It works…but it’s hard! And the disadvantage is that I can’t see my photos with someone else’s eyes. I can’t “un-think” my thoughts when I created it. I have tried a few times to get new mentors, but it’s hard! And there really are no e-courses or online classes that are made that way.

So I created one. (Three, actually…but let’s concentrate on the one for now). “Lär dig fotografera hundar” (learn to photograph dogs), at the time only available in Swedish.

I have done this course three times by now, and every time I get to see my students learn how to manage their camera, see the light, choose locations, find a good angle, and improve from newbies to “wow”-photographers. It’s all online. You get four lessons, one every two weeks, and in the meantime, you get me as your mentor. Ask all your questions. Get feedback on your work. Get better, fast!

Sounds interesting? CLICK HERE for a closer look.

No prior experience required. All you need is a camera and a dog!

The first lesson starts 4/9. The price is 130 dollars (about 1.050 sek). Don’t miss it. Learn to take the photos of your dog you want to put on your wall.





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