Content Creation Challenge

Almost ten days ago I joined Brooke Shadens Content Creation Challenge. Create a new piece of art every day for 15 days. Make sure it has some kind of content. And then there’s a theme for each day, and a challenge to use or do something special.

Interesting. Hard. Crushing my self-esteem to smithereens at times, but also making me try new things and walk new roads. Frustrating. And fun.

This is the one I like the most so far (potential and use open space)



Keep reaching for the stars…


This one was most self-reflecting (breaking, use something shattered – I guess it’s my self-esteem that is in a million pieces…And it’s two “me”, representing my constant struggle within)



Not. Good. Enough.


And I still have six more days to go!

So…why did I choose to do this (and why do I continue creating, even if I feel like I lack both time and talent)?

Because: I don’t feel good enough.


And that three-letter word is all that matters. The fact that I lack skills and that I feel that I want to create MORE and BETTER is a matter of practice. Practice does not automatically make perfect, but it makes better. It’s the ONLY way to get better.

I may not feel like I’m good enough yet – but in the future, I will be better than I am now.

To be creative, to me, is a constant struggle and I think most people strive to get better. Some give up and say “this is all I am. This is all I will ever be.” and they may or may not be content with that. Giving up is not for me though 🙂 I will keep on practising till the day I die, and probably after that as well.

If you want to see all my photos, you find them on my Instagram. If you like any of them please let me know, that makes me happy.

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