How to take better photos with your mobile

I’m travelling this week, and is currently in an RV using my phone for internet.

I use my phone for a lot of things! Blogging. Facebook. E-mail. Filming. And photographing!

Yep, that’s right. I really believe that there is no better camera than the one you have with you. I ALWAYS have my phone!

I remember the first camera-phone I bought. It had the camera as an extra accessoir, and it screwed on the top. The photos were…barely recognisable. At best. A lot has happened since then! Today’s cameraphones are generally really good. Some of them you can even set to RAW, if you want to edit a bit more. (I don’t, I’m short on space as it is…And if I want to do something “extra” with my photos, I use my DSLR.)

Let me show you a few from these last three days (click on them to see full size):


What do you think? Some of them are straight out of my phone (Samsung s7) and some of them are edited in the app Snapseed that is my absolute favourite editing-app (and as usual the people at Snapseed don’t even know I’m writing this).

Some advice to improve your phone-photos:

  • Look at the background. It’s even more important with your phone, because it’s very wide-angle.
  • Don’t zoom, it will pixelate your photo. Move closer instead.
  • Use the wide angle affect, and put something in the foreground to create depth.
  • Always think about composition. Rule of thirds apply very well!
  • My phone have a great function, it takes a photo when I say “cheese” or “shoot”. Perfect when you have two leashes in one hand and try to handle the phose with the other!
  • Try to keep the horizon straight (easier said than done for some reason…)
  • Keep your thumb away from the lense! Seems obvious, yet I still struggle…
  • And take LOTS of photos. Keep the ones you like. Trash the rest. Share on facebook, instagram, blog, or anywhere else.

Happy shooting! Go for it!

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