Use your feet to get more variation in your photos!

Last Friday I had an amazing photo session with Jixxa, and I have shown one photo already.

The photos are not finished yet – I will do a “fairytale-edit” on the ones the owner chooses- but I want to use them to make a point.

All photos in this session are shot in the forest. I wanted to use a shutterspeed at 1/150 because dogs tend to move a bit even in portraits, and I wanted ISO as low as possible to reduce noise and bring out the best quality. So I used my 50mm f/1,2 during the whole session (I used a smaller aperture than 1,2 at times).

That means no zoom.

Let’s look at some of the photos (remember, not fully edited yet!)

I want you to notice the variation. Not only in the pose, angle, and background (this place is absolutely fabulous and gives me all these backdrops in 100 meters) but in how close to the dog I am = how much of the environment is showing!

I shoot in gorgeous nature. Of course, I want that to show! But not in ALL photos.

When I do a session like this, I try to get some different kind of photos. Here is my mental checklist:

  • “Behind the scenes”, when the owner is working with the dog
  • Headshot
  • Full body shot
  • Environment-shot with dogs focus on me
  • Environment-shot of dog basically being dog
  • And I LOVE to do portraits of dog and owner together!

I find that basic list brings life to the shoot, and make sure that I “tell a story” with the photos.

So I encourage you to use your feet. Not only your zoom – your feet. See what happens!


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