Use natural frames to make your photo look better!

“Framing” is actually a term in photography, and it’s an easy way to direct the viewers focus to the main object. It’s easy to do – use a door, a window, or do what I do – use nature!


The leafs on top and the tree-branch underneath makes a nice frame for this beautiful kooiker.


Trees are great for framing! Be sure to choose an angle where the dog i between trees – a tree that looks like it’s growing out of her head is not flattering.


Sometimes you find a “real” frame – a peephole of some kind. Use a small aperture to get the whole photo sharp!


The frame doesn’t have to be in front of or beside the dog – it can be behind! The idea is to lead the eyes to the dog.

_DSF9181-wThis training obstacle makes a great frame!


And with the right lighting, even straw can frame a small kitten.

I’m sure you can think of a million other things that you can use to frame your dog in a photo. (Ok, not a million, but say…ten? That takes you far!)

Try it! I really think you will like it! And it’s easy – just open your eyes and open your mind, and you will start to see possibilities everywhere!


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