Dog Parkour Week

This week has been Dog Parkour Week for me. I have trained with my own dog, I have started the road to becoming an instructor, and as a part of that, I have trained two other dogs as well.

This is Banjo:


Fun-loving, enthusiastic, meatball-fanatic, and really easy to train.

And this is Yapp:


A bit fearful and suspicious, but slowly starting to warm up to me. A dog with a lot of integrity, and I feel honoured that he is now wagging his tail when he sees me, and allow me to feed him by hand.

And of course, I wanted to take some photos that show the two parkour-dogs!

Banjo was easy.

These photos show (or at least I hope so) the body-control, balance, strength, and self-control that is needed in dog parkour. To be willing to put their paws on different surfaces, and to know where each paw is. (When I train this we use a harness and a leash, to make sure that I can support the dog if he/she put a paw wrong. These poses, however, are really simple for Banjo.)

And Yapp was a bit harder. It was important to me that he is happy, so ears need to be in front, tail high, and posture alert. I wanted to combine that with a portrait, dog parkour-style. This is what I came up with (and I’m really happy with it!):


To put the front paws on something is a basic parkour-move, and the facial expression is absolutely perfect!

Now, I could not have taken these photos without help. A good owner is key when you want to take portraits of other people’s dogs!

Behind the scenes:

A lot of praise, a solid “stay” and a lot of meatballs…

Typical parkour poses to try:

  • Front paws on something
  • Standing or sitting on top of something
  • Back paws on something
  • Begging pose
  • Bow down pose
  • Balancing on something

Just remember to be fair to your dog – train BEFORE you try to photograph. It’s so worth the time to have a well-trained behaviour when you reach for your camera, and it’s FUN!



4 thoughts on “Dog Parkour Week

  1. dilyskoroncziova says:

    Wow! There is dog parkour?!?!???!!! I didn’t know this before. The world is an exciting place! There is parkour, there is dog parkour, dog frisbee, cat yoga, cat yodeling… … I can’t wait til I see some dog parkour! Hey if I am alongside a dog in dog parkour, I will quickly realise that the dog is so much better than me! Which would give me an immense inferiority complex! I was parkouring among some people who were literally ten years younger than me, and they were obviously better than me!


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