Will your dog live forever?

Of course not. That, I think, is the one mistake God made when he made dogs: they don’t live as long as we do…

My eldest dog is 14 years old. I am very aware of the fact that she will not live forever. But I find comfort in the fact that her memory will stay alive, and as long as anyone remembers her she is not really gone.

mårran 3

Why do I think about this today? Because yesterday I was reminded that not only old dogs eventually leave us – freak accidents happen and my dog can grow wings and cross the rainbow bridge at any time. I know this. But the risk of it happening is small, and I don’t think about it. I mean – anything can happen. I could die today. That does not mean I should be afraid of death, but rather that I should embrace life.

But in one aspect I do think about it, perhaps only in my subconscious mind: I photograph my dogs. A lot. For sure every week, and almost every day.

Because one of my dogs, my Jack Russel Terrier, is already waiting for me on the other side – and I have found a great comfort and joy in looking at pictures of her!


Photos trigger my memory, and my feelings.

As a dog photographer, I sometimes photograph old dogs. I talk to the owner about the dog’s personality, and then I try to capture some of that personality in a photograph. I always work extra hard, because I know how important that photo may be in a few years time. Or maybe just a few weeks.



Sometimes it’s the love and affection in a look.



Sometimes we find the playfulness from younger years.






Sometimes dignity and wisdom shine through.



And sometimes it’s the love for that sunny spot on the floor.



How may photos do you have to remember your dog by?

Get some more.

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