The joy of snapshots and an imperfect life

Some of my all time favourite photos are bad photos. Messy background, really poor light, blurry…But I love them anyway because I love the content.


The faces…the faces! ❤

So I use the camera on my phone a lot. A Lot! To capture the moments that are Life.



Happy Esther!

I print them and put them in my journal because they make me happy. Or I keep them in my wallet.



Mårran, on a morning walk about five years ago. This morning I searched for her because she got lost in the high grass…Memories!

So…what is this post about?

The quest for perfectionism. And how I really, really, REALLY think that it’s a quest no one should be on. “Perfect” is boring. “Perfect” is blocking our creativity. The quest for “perfect” cripples us, and make us afraid to do anything at all.



One of the few photos I have of my family, that shows us just the way we are, Relaxed. Enjoying each other’s company. Is it a “good” photo? NO! But to me – priceless.

And I think it’s a mindset that goes deeper than photography…

If you are afraid to fail, how do you get the courage to try? And let me tell you a secret: Nobody cares except you! (At least nobody that matters.) People, in general, are forgiving, and they don’t judge you for making a mistake. Most of the time they don’t even get that it’s a mistake at all…

Life is imperfect. Life is about being imperfect, and loving the imperfections. Through the cracks, the light shines in…

So relax. Dip your toes in the water of imperfection (a bit farfetched, I know, but I really wanted to show the photo of Valle dipping his paw…)


Take a snapshot. Allow yourself to love it. Forget to be perfect. Live.




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