To my graduates

Today I’m not going to write about photography. I know it’s Friday but hey – my blog my rules! Because today my high school students graduated, and that got me thinking about all the things that I never had an opportunity to teach them because it’s so far out of my subject (I teach dog knowledge and photography). I really think there should be a subject simply called “LIFE”!

So here goes. Five things I really, really want you to know. Because they are true.



1. Find your light!

Find that thing that makes your day brighter. It may be a hobby. It may be another person. It may be a new notebook and pretty pens. It does NOT have to be something “important”, it is enough that it makes you see a light in your day. Everyone needs a light.



2. Dare to jump!

Do things that scares you. Do things YOU want to do. Courage is about meeting your fears and do stuff anyway. I promise you – the world will not end. But you will grow.



3. Never stop dreaming.




Take control of your life. Do you want something? Figure out how to get it. Make a plan. Work on it. Every. Damn. Day.



4. Don’t give up!

If at first you don’t succeed – try and try again! Really. I mean it. It’s all part of learning how to get there. How badly do you want it? Bad enough to keep going? I think so.




5. Be kind!

People like those who like them. Like people, and show them that you like them. Tell people nice things. Tell them that you appreciate them and tell them if they are really good at something. Be kind to everyone, as often as you get the chance. You always have a choice.

And remember this:


Don’t give me that “what can one person do”-crap. ONE PERSON can do a lot! You don’t have to change the whole world (even though it happens that one person actually changes the world), it’s enough if you make one individuals world a better place.


I love you all.


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