Bullet journal for dogtrainers

I’ve started a small movement among dog trainers in Sweden…I have introduced the bullet journal for some of my dog training friends. And then I started an FB-group. And then it kind of grew…After three days we are 141. And growing!

It’s so much fun. I get to be creative AND get my life in order. I have trained my dogs more, and more varied, these three days than I have in the last three months. We started Dog Parkour. we started the bucket game (for nailtrimming and ear cleaning). We have trained details and chains. Short, but – since I planned it all beforehand – sweet!


“Did anyone say “dog parkour”? It should be “kelpie-parkour” because kelpies are awesome!”

I’ve been keeping my dogtraining-bujo very simple and minimalistic because I really want to empathise that it’s not how pretty you write – it’s WHAT you write! (And THAT you write…).

My dog-parkour-spread. Going for the titles.

But now that I see how fun this is for people, and how fun it is for me, I want to do more. I am creative by nature…

So. It’s settled. Every Tuesday is BuJo-day here at my blog. Could be a weekly layout, could be a collection, could be dogs, could be work. Or just something that’s pretty.



Todays spread.

And – I will do it in English. Good for me to train…You will find all the entries under my new category: Bullet Journaling. Easy to find 🙂

Right now I’m showing my creative work on Instagram @KelpiePhotoCreative . Follow me 😉

And if you want to join my FB-group (it’s really, really nice with a lot of supercool people) you find it HERE. It’s in Swedish.


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