Practice what you want to do better!

A few weeks ago I did a test of focal lengths and I got really, really frustrated. I do tele (over 100) really badly! Hard to find focus, hard to find my motive even, the camera moving in all directions.



No masterpiece…


So, what do I do? I decide to practice! When I find a weakness in my photography, I want to improve. I really like the effect with a tele lens in some cases (even if I adore wide angle) and the more versatile I am as a photographer the better!

So, yesterday I got my new Precious: a fujinon 50-140 with a teleconverter 1,4 that makes it about 200mm. F/2,8 (becomes f/4 with the converter). My plan is to use only this lens for two weeks, to really learn to use it the best way.

This far I have tried it without converter:

And this morning with converter:



Tele with a large aperture gives a creamy bokeh that I love. And look at that light!


Tele also makes everything in the photo look closer together, creating a story-like layered affect. How pretty? THIS pretty!

I feel extremely pleased with my new working tool. Two more weeks of this, and I think I have a few tips to share!

Did I mention I love Fuji? I looooove Fuji!



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