It’s so pretty…I need it!

I feel like a magpie, in love with shiny objects. Except instead of shiny, right now it’s colour. Pens. Tape. Paper. I admit: I’m obsessed with stationary right now.


It’s this Bullet Journal thing. I’m stuck! I mean – it allows me to be creative, be structured, AND I have an excuse to buy new stuff! There’s a whole new world…Washi-tape. Tombow watercolour pens. Notebooks that cost WAY too much…(I dream of the Midori olive green…)

Not that I’m anywhere near to create the stuff that the pros make, but it’s good enough to make me feel happy to look at. And make. And review. And it WORKS! Let me show some of my spreads (and again, my photos aren’t as pretty as the ones you see on Pinterest or Instagram. I feel bad about that, I’m a photographer after all…):

It looks like this, pretty and green. I love friction pens, they can be erased. And I make loads of mistakes…



Let’s start with the basics. Weekly planner, daily planner. I like to have a separate task list:



And this is my habit tracker: one dot for every day I repeat that habit. Who knew a dot made all the difference?


I started to put in stuff I keep on notes on my desk. It feels good to have everything in one place!

One spread to plan ahead:


And lots of room to do…whatever I want!


And one of the best things…notice that the pages are numbered? I have an index! I can actually find stuff!

So…As I tend to get in too deep when I like something, I’m already planning what to do next. I’m planning The Ultimate Training Planner For Dogowners! Everything I have always wanted in my training diary/planner. And right now, with vacation coming up, it feels like a perfect time to share it with…well…everyone!

So, now you know what you will find in here on tuesdays, for some weeks to come.

Interested? Curious? I need your advice: should I do it in Swedish or English? Feel free to comment what you would like! If (and I realise that’s a big “if”) there is some interest for this I’ll start an Instagram account and maybe, maybe a FB-group. “Bullet Journal for Dog Trainers”. We’ll see 🙂




2 thoughts on “It’s so pretty…I need it!

  1. keepsmeoutofmischief says:

    I’m a firm believer in a bullet journal that’s practical and effective. If it’s pretty, that’s a bonus, but if you spend all your time making a perfect version rather than being productive you’ve missed the point of the bullet journal!


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