Challenge: get up or get down!

At the beginning of my photographic career, I read A LOT about photography. And everywhere it said that “the best light is early mornings and late evenings”. I got up at seven, but was the light “soft and warm”? NOPE! It was harsh and low and the shadows were really sharp and hard to avoid.

My mistake? About two hours (or 16). At summertime, it’s not seven o’clock. It’s FIVE o’clock, just after sunrise, that the magic happens. Or at sunset, at about 22.

How do I know this for a fact? Because I have tried it.

Sunset is fairly easy, and the light is really nice:

I have to admit – I’m not fond of the idea of rising before the sun, take my camera, and meet up with a client before sunset. But that is exactly what I did two weeks ago – and I am going to be forever grateful for that! Why? Because I got this:


Sunset is beautiful, but sunrise…sunrise! All of a sudden the word “set alarm at 4.30” doesn’t sound too bad anymore…

So that is my challenge: catch the “golden hour”, that occurs about one hour around sunrise and one hour around sunset. Share your photo at KelpiePhotos FB-page. I look forward to seeing the beautiful golden light!

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