Changing gear


I feel like I’m cheating on my camera.

I have always been a “sony-girl” from the day I fell in love with my a350 almost ten years ago. Today I’m in a steady relationship with a sony a77II, and we have had some good times! Always there, always working hard, always delivering good quality. And the raw-files are just…yummy!


But four months ago I met Fujifilm XT-2.

You know how it is…someone you know tells you about that “new friend” that they really like. Kind of “Haaaave you met…?” And you can’t help but look, and chitchat a bit. You don’t want to be impolite! Next thing you know you sold your second camera and is in the store listening to a salesman praising Fuji. And you try it…even though you know you shouldn’t…

I’m sorry my darling Sony, but our love story has to end. I will still keep your little sister RX100 v, so I’m not “sony-less”, but I will have to let you move on to someone who will love and appreciate you for the fantastic camera that you are. It’s not you – it’s me…We just grew apart. I will always treasure the time we had, and I hope we can stay friends.

We will always have Fuerteventura.



(What do you mean “It’s just a camera”? The relation between photographer and camera goes much deeper than that. Or maybe I’m a bit odd. Again.)