And…action! Three ways to photograph your dog in action.

I loooove action photos of my dogs. They are active dogs, and action photos show their true nature.

But when I started out, I found it really hard to capture them in action. I still do, but I’m getting better. And you can too!

From the side.


This is fairly easy to start with. You know where the dog is going to be and can follow it with your camera.

  • Choose af-c, to make it easier to keep focus on your dog
  • Shutterspeed 1/800 or higher makes sure the moment gets “frozen in time”
  • Lower your camera! Eye-level with the dog is much more pleasing that a photo from above.

Dog coming towards you


A bit harder…but in no way impossible!

  • Try af-s, and pre-focus on a spot you know the dog will pass on her way to the toy! That way you know that you will get at least one sharp photo with the focus on your dog.
  • Use a smaller aperture for longer DOF.
  • Shutterspeed at least 1/800.
  • Lower you camera as low as you can, to really capture the feel of speed!

Dogs at play


Looking at dogs playing is fun. Photographing them is even more so! You get expressions that you never thought possible…

  • Af-c makes it easier to follow them
  • Shutterspeed 1/1000 or higher
  • Aperture small if you want all dogs to be in focus, bigger if you want to just focus on one dog at a time
  • And again – get down.

And the best advice: Practice. Practice. Practice! And while you practice – don’t forget that it’s fun! It’s playing and training with your best friend! Good luck 🙂

Want some advice on how to make your dog-photos even better? Download this free guide!


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