Photoshop: how to use the clone tool

I’m not perfect. Sometimes when I photograph I get caught up in the moment and focus too much on the dog – and miss stuff in the background that really bothers me when I see the photo on the screen!



Oh no! container, house, and a car…If only there was a way to fix this!


And sometimes when I take a photo I KNOW that there will be something in the background, a tree or a fence or something like that, that I will want to remove later. But it’s the best place possible at that location at that time.

And sometimes dirt or fur is in the wrong place.


_DSF3803-2 innan red

I believe the scientific expression for dirt under the eyes is “eye-guck”. At least that’s what I call it. And I want it gone!


Isn’t it nice that photoshop has several great tools to remove unwanted stuff from your photos? A BIG help for photographers like me, who is almost always outside and work with fast-moving animals! One of my favourites is the CLONE TOOL.

How does it work? See here:

Do you want to learn more? I created a free online course: A dog photographers simple guide to the clone tool in photoshop. It teaches you all you need to know to fix 99% of your photos, in a simple way. It doesn’t teach you EVERYTHING about the clone tool, that would be an enormous course, but what you need to know.

Coming up: Dogs in motion – how do you capture them in a photo?


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