Top five ways to create depth in a photo

I love when I get the feeling that I can step into a photo. That the photo gives a 3D-effect, even if it is in reality, of course, flat. How can you achieve that?

Here are my top five tips:

1.Use the foreground

By putting something in front of your object, you help create the feeling of distance. You can use short DOF like here, and take advantage of the artistic effect of the blurryness, or you can use a smaller aperture and get it all sharp.


2. Use a wide-angle lens

The distortion that comes with a wide angle makes things close to the camera look bigger, and things further away look smaller.


3. Leading lines

When you compose your photo, look for lines that lead the eye from the frames towards your motive.



4. Frame your object

Use natural frames: trees, fences, windows, etc. The eye will move towards the light, and you get the feeling of “moving in to” the photo.


5. Get down!

Pretend you are a frog on the ground. Everything looks far away for a frog…


Of course you can combine multiple techniques, try and see what works!

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