Photoshop – combine three photos

So…You have seen my end result “Honey, I shrunk the dog”, we have covered how to choose your photos, now it’s time to combine them in photoshop.

I have used the lasso-tool, layermasks, contrast, and burn/dodge, to make the montage. After that I have added some saturation, and a vignette, to the entire photo.

These are my three photos:

And this is my finished result:


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I will walk you through the process.

This is where I start, because I want this to be the main background:


First, I noticed that the big flower would be behind the dog and I wanted it to show, so I duplicated it by selecting it with the lasso-tool, copy and paste, free transform to move it where I wanted it, add layermask and fine-tune the selection:

2017-04-09 (1)

Next, I added the branch.

I circled the branch on the branch-photo with the lasso-tool, copied it, pasted it into the bakgrund-photo, used free transform to move it where I wanted it, added a layermask, and used my brush on the layermask to make the selection perfect. White where I want the background to show, black where I want the branch to be. You can see my layers at the right.

2017-04-09 (2)

Time for the dog.

Same thing as above. I also flipped her horizontally, to make her walk in the right direction. This time I had to be very careful with my layermask, it needs to be just right to blend in nicely! I also make sure to get some part of the leaves to be in front of her, that makes her blend in even better.

2017-04-09 (3)

I noticed that the contrast on the dog was too much and looked out of place, so I added a contrast-layer and lowered it a bit. It’s not much, but it makes a difference! Again a layermask, to only change the dog.

2017-04-09 (4)

She is still hanging in the air – she needs a shadow! A new layer, and I used the burn-tool to make a shadow under her.

2017-04-09 (5)

Now I think the montage looks nice. I want some more saturation and a vignette on the whole photo, so I flatten it and choose filter – camera raw filter. This opens the photo in camera raw, and even if it’s a JPEG the controls still work nicely. A little vibrance, clarity, and vignette.

2017-04-09 (6)


It takes some time and patience, but it’s not complicated.

Coming up: How’s that easter challenge doing? I’ll show you mine and hope you’ll show me yours…

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