Photoshop – “Honey, I shrunk the dog”

Photoshop is kind of amazing.

I consider myself a creative person. When I was young I painted with pens and crayons, today I paint with camera and photoshop. Even if I try not to use it because I’m just too lazy to get the photo in camera, I am more than willing to use it to create!

So, I had a photo in my head (it often starts that way). I wanted to make a small dog, on adventure, out in the BIG forest. With BIG flowers and stuff.

Close to me there is a stream and a small forest-like gathering of trees and plants. We went there two days ago, and I started collecting photos of stuff I liked.

I ended up using these three:

One by one they don’t look like much, but I just had that image in my mind…

And this is my finished result:


Sooo…what do you think?

And by the way…I’m putting together an online-course in editing dog-photos. Strictly photoshop (even if I use Lightroom as well). What would YOU like to learn more about?

Comment below, or send me an e-mail!

Coming up: what should you think about when collecting photos for a montage?

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