I challenge you – easter photo!

In two weeks it’s easter. Eggs, bunnies, daffodils, chickens, and feathers…(And candy. Lots of it!) I find that every feast is an excuse to take a theme-photo, with props and stuff. This is one of my easter-photos from last year:


“Glad påsk” means “happy easter”.

This year I have a different idea, and I will let you tag along behind the scenes! And more than that:


Take an easter-photo of your own! It can be of anything, but it must relate to easter. E-mail it to me before 16/4, and I’ll post it here. Fun, right? I KNOW!!!

And share it with your friends, if you want to challenge them in your turn…The more the merrier 🙂


Easter-lamb anyone?

Let’s get you started!

  1. Find inspiration. Pinterest, google, facebook…
  2. Find location. What environment?
  3. Props or no props?
  4. Do you need to train the dog (if you are using a dog), or get it used to anything?
  5. Take photos. Many. Different perspective, angle, distance…make sure you reward your dog for being a good model.
  6. Choose your favourite photo.
  7. Edit it – if you want to.
  8. E-mail it to me!

DONE! I’ll even reward you with a little something 😉

So…I have my goal-photo in my head, I know the right location, I have bought my props. Yesterday I trained my dog, and I will give you the short version instead of all 16 minutes of how I did:

Only one thing left:


Need some pointers?

Download five steps to better dog-photos!


Coming up: how do you choose your “perfect location”?

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