Top five tips for actionphotos

When I started photographing a long time ago, I had my mind set on action. Dogs running, jumping, doing agility, playing…a moment in time, frozen!

But it was A LOT harder than I thought.

As I learned more and practised more, I slowly became better at it.


To save you some time and tears, I will share with you my top five tips on actionphotos. Learn from my mistakes! 🙂

Choose the right shutterspeed.

Dogs are fast. My kelpie is REALLY fast. to freeze her in motion I need to set my shutterspeed to 1/1200 of a second. My other dogs are a bit slower, and I normally use 1/640.


You need light!

Short shutterspeeds does not let in a lot of light, so you need it to be bright! Outside in the sunshine is perfect.

Use AF-C (or AF-servo).

AF-C means that the camera “tracks” the object, and continuously refocus to keep focus on the object. That gives you a much better chance of keeping focus on the dog even when it moves.

Shoot in continuous mode.

This means that your camera keeps taking photos as long as you keep the shutter down. Use the highest speed possible for your camera. As I keep repeating: dogs move fast!

Try to pre-focus!

This is a technique that I use when the dog runs towards me, because I find that most cameras have problems focusing on a fast approaching dog even i AF-C mode. I switch to AF-S (or one-shot), and I focus on something that the dog will pass – a bit of grass, i bush, a rock. Press down the shutter to start taking photos when the dog i about 2 meters before your focuspoint, release when the dog has passed it. You will get a lot of out of focus photos, but the one when the dog passes the object you had in focus will be sharp! You may have to repeat a couple of times, sometimes the camera takes one photo just before and one just after the perfect moment.


Two kelpies playing…double the speed, double the fun!

Coming up: get a blurry background in your portaits! Aperture and depht of field.


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