Dogs, dogs, dogs

A lot in my life is about dogs, as I think you have noticed by now…So this week is all about dog photography! Let me start by introducing my Models:


Midori is an Australien Kelpie, a princess. Four years old she is convinced she knows everything there is to know. Loves to train, and a natural model! She has her own instagram and facebook, as all models do.


Valldemar is a Working Kelpie. Six years old, a free spirit that refuse to be fully tamed. We have a special bond, and mostly he will do what I tell him to. Just because he loves me.

mårran 2.jpg

Mårran is my Grand Old Lady, a mixbreed with a mother from Guatemala and father unknown. 14 years old and still going strong!

Do you like the photos? Not only am I a photographer, I am a teacher as well.

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Coming up: basic training for Top Dog Models – two easy exercises!

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