All the single ladies!

I live in the country, in a small town called Rolsberga in the south of sweden. We have a house, a stable, a barn, and some land. In the house you find the dogs, in the barn four cats have moved in, and in the field rules the SheepLadies (and yes, they are single…and they like Beyoncé).


It’s not the nicest weather, and they have two houses: the small house out in the field…


…and a garage that they have decided is theirs. Who am I to argue?


The SheepLadies are quite nice. They eat their grass and keep out of the way and inside the fences, and we shear them twice a year. Even though I have two herding dogs – kelpies – I find it unnecessary to train the dogs to herd such a small group of sheep. It’s easier to grab a bucket of food – they follow food anywhere!


The stables are quite big, “with room for a pony” as Mrs Bucket used to say…Actually room for two large horses, and some sheep. We even had pigs at one time. But nowadays its only the SheepLadies.

Small house, small garden, always renovating. I know everything there is to know about plaster and paint…(No i don’t. But I know a lot more than I ever thought I would!)

It’s nice, and we enjoy living here. But we still plan on selling, buying a large motorhome, and just…moving to Fuerteventura with dogs and all. We’ll see!

So…what is it I do here, for a living? Quite a lot, actually. I teach at a gymnasium, my subject is “dog-knowledge”. Yep, it’s a real subject in a real school…;) I teach ordinary dogowners to train and develop a nice relationship with their dogs. I write books, two so far, about dogtraining. (Start to see a pattern…?) I make videocourses online with a company called “Moderskeppet” about photographing dogs. I teach classes online as well, same subject. And I get to photograph stuff for money. Mostly dogs.

I know…a lot in my life is dog-related, and photo-related. I’m terribly lucky that way! I get to earn my living doing the things I really, really love!

Just add springtime, and I am one happy person 🙂

Coming up: Photographing dogs – how?



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