So…Now that I’m no longer on vacation, my life is a bit different. This is me:

  • Addicted to coffee, chocolat, and dogs. And work, it seems…
  • Work as a photographer/writer/teacher/entrepreneur
  • Live with three dogs and one husband
  • Think that life is about being kind and have as much fun as possible


My hair is a bit longer now, but basically that’s me.

My kids have fur…

So. This blog is about me and my life. About doing stuff I love – training dogs, photographing, teaching. About just…living life to the fullest. I write for me, and I write for everyone who is interested. Think of it as a window, not to my soul (cliché!) but to my daily life.

If I have made you a little bit curious, you are welcome to comment or ask a question. Or not, sometimes it’s nice not to know all the answers. It’s up to you 🙂

Coming up: My place – house, garden, and say hello the The SheepLadies


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