Sunday: Windy! and Monday: last day…


We really, really wanted our last days to be beach-weather. But nope…even though the sun was shining there was an “orange wind-alert” on the weather-app in my phone. How bad can it be? you ask. Weeeell…when the wind blows on Fuerteventura, it really blows!

First thought: find a nice spot on Flag beach, sheltered from the wind. How hard can it be?

Try impossible. And the wind made the sand fly. Flying sand is NOT nice when it hits your naked skin. Peeling de luxe…


The water was wild, the waves wanted to go right, but the wind blew left, and they crashed in the middle. The water was soooo far out.



So we struggled back to the car, and left the sand. In sweden we have snow that blows on the road and makes it slippery. Here it was sand!

A few km away the sand ended, and the cliffs don’t fly in the wind as easily…New try!


I could feel the car move as we parked, but further down we were well protected and stayed for a few hours.

What to do next?

We went to La Oliva. There was even windier. We came back home, and placed our butts at a café in town. Much nicer! A bit of shopping, feeling a bit down because it was our last day, gift-shopping for the dog-sitters at home (and for me). And more coffee, and more just looking at people and enjoying the atmosphere.

Monday morning we woke early, and went to the badlands for one last walk. The wind had increased even more during the night, now it was much calmer and we saw evidence of the high waves only as traces all the way up on the pavement. Incredible! Forces of nature are not to play with…

Now the wind was minimal and the sun warm. We kept seeing more traces of the nights storm: a lot of water where there was dry the day before!

And the plantlife. One night of rain, and the plants really enjoy themselves!

Surfschools were out looking for the best places, keeping in touch and telling eachother what works and what doesn’t.


And some furniture ended up in a new place…


One last view, and then off we went to the airport.


Goodbye Fuerteventura! See you soon!

And like that, our vacation/escape/adventure was over. At least for now. Time to deal with real life again…

Coming up: So…what do I really do then? When I’m not on vacation?



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