Friday: rain and Puerto del Rosario


The night to friday was rainy, and the morning was chilly and wet. What to do? Go and see the capital of Fuerteventura! Puerto del Rosario!

We took a small detour on the way, and – as usual – enjoyed the scenery. After the rain the ground is a darker shade of orange, and the fog was covering the mountains.

We got lost. Not really LOST-lost, I mean how big is the island, and there is always GPS, but we sure did not take the road we intended to. Luckily! Because we turned a corner…and there!


Not really impressive through a wet windshield…

A small town. Perfect location. So beautiful, and we said to eachother “This is where we want to live”. Vallebròn, some day…

We decided to ask the GPS, and soon got turned around.

So. Puerto del Rosario. We were curious to see a “big” town, and the famous shopping centre. After some looking for a parkingspace we got rid of the car, and the rain was pouring down. To the mall!

It was dry, clean, bright, and looked like…every other mall. The usual shops, cafés, and young people with nowhere else to go. The same bored staff. The fashion a little bit different compared to sweden, of course, but basically the same. Good coffee though.

When the rain had stopped we went out into the town. Town square, town house, harbour, small streets…A nice town, but not really special.

The beach was closed off, and it looked like it was being restored in some way. We got the impression that down by the water a whole lot of improvements were being made, to make it nicer and maybe more appealing to tourists?

My favourite part of the town was the many expressions of art, on the walls, and everywhere around.


Colourful, fun, really well made, and often with a connection to the sea. Beautiful!

We had lunch at Burger King, and left for more interesting adventures.

Coming up: we head for the badlands

As you see, I take a lot of photos. I like them. They make me daydream, and I like daydreaming. If you like them too, don’t miss the grand opening of my webshop tonight at 18.00 swedish time! Take a look – you may like what you see 🙂





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