Thursday: Under ground


Our next stop fot the day was Ajuy. Here is a beautiful beach with black sand, some nice fish restaurants, and old caves from the time they extracted lime.

The wind was even stronger, and the waves were the biggest I’ve seen (yet). The beach was full of people watching the scene, getting their feet wet, and running from the waves in excitement (and a little terror, depending on how old they were).


But the main reason we were here: the caves! We started our climb. (My fear of hights really got challenged this vacation!) It’s easy enough, and there were a lot of people. A LOT! It actually made me feel safer – if they can do it so can I.

The water was looking like it was boiling were it met the cliff. The colours are just…fantastic…


Remains of lime-manifacturing. And a perfect place to enjoy the view!

Finally, the caves! One of my favourite creepy-pastas is “Ted the caver” and I felt a small chill going up my spine. But it was bright outside, the caves are not that deep, and there were people all around so it soon let go and I could fully enjoy the experience.


There are two caves, joined by a passage between. The light reaches far into the vave (surprisingly far, it must reflect on something) and it is just a little claustrophobic to go all tha way in. The view out to the ocean is really special!



I would absolutely love to return to this place. Maybe in the morning, with yellow sunlight and less tourists…Magical!





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