Maybe “pilgrimage” is too much said, but it was a travel to a place of worship (a chapel). The photo above is taken from a viewpoint during our vacation last year. It shows a riverbed, a dam, and a small chapel called Virgen de la Peña. That was our goal for the day! About three hours hike there and back again. Perfect!

On the road we passed a house on a hill that caught my attention.


We got a little higher, and I saw a sign: “Morro de la cruz”. “I want to go there!” I said. “OK” said Ola, and started the climb up the mountain with our little car. Steep cliffs on one side (with a small fence, that’s true, but last year we witnessed first hand as a car went right through that fence and down a – luckily not steep – ditch), the mountain on the other, and I found myself gripping my seat with both hands and looking strictly straight ahead. Stupid, stupid, stupid me! Why did I get that idea?

Of course we got there safely. And it felt like we were on the rooftop of the world!


It was a small house with an exhibition about Fuerteventura and a café. All around was a balcony, perfect to look at the view. So worth the terror!

We enjoyed our unplanned stop for awhile, and continued on towards the starting point of our hike: Vega de Rio Palmas.


Through the windshield. You see what I mean about the small fences?

After some looking we found the riverbed and started walking. The nature was amazing, and unlike anything I had seen on Fuerteventura. It was clear that here was water often, but now it was dry and easy to walk.

The further we got the more water we found. Well…”more” ins’t really the word, a little stream was all.


After awhile the ground became a swamp, and the dam was near. We followed a higher pathway and continued.


And there it was! The dam! Not much water, but who knows what was beneath the surface?

We continued up, up, and up. And to the other side of the dam – where the land opened up.


We followed the path forwards, and could see the small white chapel, hidden from the world.


After some rest, the passing of a group of german tourists, and just looking around and taking it all in, it was time to head back.

If you want to look at a different part of Fuerteventura, this hike is well worth the effort. Try it!

Coming up: we exchange hights for depths.


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