Wednesday: Watersport


We left El Cotillo, and followed the coast towards Corralejo. These are the badlands, and as I have metioned earlier a part of Fuerteventura that I love. The waves were high, and we passed a small bay where a lot of surfers practised, so we decided to stop and enjoy the scenery and eat our crackers and cheese. Maybe we could learn something about how to surf?


Or maybe not…It seems really hard!

We continued through the landscape, and stopped to see a peculiar home. The badlands are mostly without houses, but this is a beautiful example of someone who (I guess) love the stony grounds and harsh wind as much as I do.


Back at the hotel Ola had the marvellous idea “Let’s walk to Flag Beach and watch the kitesurfers!”. OK, why not? It’s about 5 km to walk, and I felt quite energetic still.

At least I did for the first 3 km…Then it was windy, and hard to walk in the sand, the camera was really heavy on my shoulder, and I was frankly a bit cold…But we got there and found a place in the sand for us.


This was indeed kite-weather! It’s beautiful, the colourful kites, the waves, the blue sky, and the mountains.

On the beach also were some birds, looking for food on the shore.

But not all who wanted to had a kite…I really hope this young man gets to try one day!


After what felt like the longest walk ever we got back to the hotel. One hour of rest, and then I wanted to go out into the badlands again and look at the sunset. As I keep saying – something about that kind of nature really speaks to me. I hope some of it shows in my photos.


Coming up: The top of the world, our quest for a small chapel, and some a-ma-zing caves!


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