Wednesday: a stroll up a volcano


We both like hiking, so today we left the ocean for awhile and headed for Tindaya! Two volcanos surrounded by a nice hikingroad. The are situated not far from La Oliva, and I got a few photos of the typical Fuerteventura landscape through the car window on the way there.

We were early, before any other tourists, and started our way to the top. The road was replaced by a smaller path laid with stones, not bad at all! The view was amazing, and the light just right.

The rock itself is really fascinating, eroded by water and wind the shapes are amazing!


The further we went, the higher we got. The goal was to climb to the top of the second volcano, where Ola promised a surprise waited at the top!

Where the path got even narrower we passed a guide and his camels. Appearently there were at least a few tourists ahead of us efter all.


Up, up, up, and I started to get a tiny bit anxious. I’m kind of afraid of hights. Or maybe I’m afraid of falling down from hights. Anyway – up is normally fine, but down…I just freeze. And now we were at the last narrow, steep pathway to the top!

I got as far as 20 meters. Then my whole body screamed that I was going to die, so I sat down to calm my inner self down and try to reason with it. Ola took the camera and got all the way to the top, where he examined a deep crater (“So cool! You should have gone all the way!” Yeah, right…) It didn’t helt that a couple in their seventies passed me by, and tried to get me to “Levanto, levanto!”. No levanto for me, thank you very much…

After a few minutes I was ready to start the way down. I felt a bit silly thinking about crawling on my hands and knees, and decided to walk after all. I still had some dignity left (and common sense tried to tell me that it was NOT that high, and NOT that steep, and GET A GRIP WOMAN!). One foot in front of the other. And breathe. And another step. And breathe. And finally – I was down. Ola came half-running after me like it was the easietst thing ever…

So – view from the top:

We found a small abandoned house to investigate, and went there to sit down and have a snack.

I stopped shaking, and I felt all right again. So I looked around…and WOW!


Totally worth it! We continued ahead.

I was really breathtaking (in a good way this time) to look at the fantastic views in all directions. I also looked a bit on the grund, where some plants fought for survival.

As we continued we even saw the remains of some kind of culture (at least I think it was).


And on the other side was a small ravine, with a cactus at the bottom. We stopped and talked about trying to get down to the cactus (well, one of us), and all of a sudden…a movement!

Ground squirrels! And a lot of them! So cute! Ola had brought some peanuts, and for a moment paw met hand.




We moved on, and strted to come around the the other side. The rock was different on this side, and the colours intense in the sunlight.

We turned the last corner – and there was the town again. We made it!


It really was a nice hike, easy, nice path, and really, really beautiful Recommended! I even guess most people make it to the top without any trouble at all…;)


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