The journey starts


OK. First of all: english is not my native language (that is swedish). But I will try anyway. I think I will be comprehensible, but I will use the wrong word at the wrong place. I will fail in grammar. My spelling will be incorrect. This will happen. I hope (and think) you will forgive me. If not – just look at the pretty pictures and ignore the text 🙂

February in sweden. Cold, grey, dull weather. Nothing much happens. The perfect time to go to Fuerteventura for a week! This is where our journey started, on february 6, 2017.

It’s always exciting to travel. The early start, arriving at the airport, that expensive cup of coffee, feeling nervous about your handluggage that is – to be honest – a little on the heavy side…I love the feeling! This was my second trip to Fuerteventura, and my travelcompanion was – as always – my better half (my husband Ola). Last time we instantly felt as if we belonged, and I sipping at my coffee and feeling curious if I will experience the same feeling this time!

After seven hours on the plane the airport was a relief! We had rented a car for the week, and soon we were on our way to Corralejo and Hotel Surfing Colors.

Corralejo is situated in the north of Fuerteventura, and it happens to be one of my favourite places on this earth. I love the mix of restaurants, surfingschools, beaches, old and new houses, and of course people – tourists and locals, watersporters and sunbathers. The atmosphere is relaxed. And if you move slightly to the east you have the beaches, miles of sand and water and waves. West of town you find the “badlands”, vast fields of lavastone interrupted by tiny walls that crisscross the land. I love that barren landscape, where water meets rock, small plants struggle, and I just feel so…free…

The afternoon was warm and sunny, and we quickly exchanged jeans for shorts and went for a walk. I don´t bathe in the ocean, but Ola does with enthusiasm and I enjoy sitting at the beach so that suits us both well!

There are several beaches in Corralejo, we chose one that is right next to the boardwalk and the harbour, surrounded by reasturants and shops.


Yep, that´s my hubbie at the left. You won’t see me in any photos, but he is in a few.

Evening fell, and we enjoyed the walk back to the hotel. The breeze was a little bit chilly for shorts and t-shirt and I put on a sweater, but the view is absolutely stunning…


And yes. We both felt “This is the place. This is where we belong.”

Coming up: the quest for a stand up paddleboard begins. We visit El Cotillo. And Ola gets bitchslapped hard by Nature.


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